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Little Catalina 

Arch Rock Little Catalina.jpg

Photo by Dennis Minty

Welcome to the Little Catalina section of this website for the Town of Trinity Bay North (TBN) that came into existence on January 1st, 2005. TBN consists of Catalina (Ward 1), Port Union (Ward 2), Melrose (Ward 3) and Little Catalina (Ward 4) which are situated on the coastline of Trinity Bay. 

Here is a little information about Little Catalina's proud history:

You will not find the much of the history of Little Catalina and its people detailed in any books of Newfoundland but you will find bits and pieces of it in every book ever written about Newfoundland. Dates and time were not important to a people who found surviving each day a chore in itself - the end of which was supper, a warm fire and deep sleep. Each season carried its own daily rituals - that of fishing, farming, hunting and cutting wood to sustain the people who once lived in this community. It is the recounting of hardships, lives lost at sea and many more lost to the scourge of disease brought on by hungry people with not enough food in their bellies. Yet, our story is the history of outport Newfoundland where, in some communities, you can still see the fishing stages and flakes that once provided its livelihood.

Little Catalina, for all that, is a wealthy community. It is rich with traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation by our ancestors. The lives of our ancestors portray the efforts of every man who has ever sought to make his living from the ocean. It shows man's attempts to reckon with the forces of nature. It was a way of life that was familiar to every European who had crossed the ocean to fish in our waters. It is the past of the men and women along the Eastern seaboard of both Canada and the United States who still fish these waters today - and, just as important, it is the trials of the friends and family who know what it is to wait for a loved one to return from an unforgiving sea. History tells people who they are and where they came from. It joins a community together and by doing so makes it unique. The history for Little Catalina is one that focuses on a way of life - not one of fame but of the common man. It speaks of the bonds that hold you, the sense of community that protects you and keeps you secure.

Source Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador

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