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About Trinity Bay North

Welcome to the website for Trinity Bay North. The Town of Trinity Bay North is a sterling example of four united communities, striving toward a prosperous future economically and socially. Our strong connection with the fishery and our natural surroundings are preserved and proudly shared with visitors and future generations. Our Town continues to become a better place to live, work and play. We maintain infrastructure that is appropriate, and shrewdly invest in endeavours that encourage a safe and healthy lifestyle. We treasure the unique history and cultural identity of Melrose, Port Union, Catalina and Little Catalina, building a future upon the strengths of our past.


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The name Catalina may have be derived from the French Havre Sainte Katherine and later superseded by the Spanish Cataluna. In 1877, Catalina was the location where a giant squid, with tentacles 30 feet in length, was washed ashore during a storm. It was also the first community, outside St. John's, to establish a public library in 1937.

Port Union

Port Union is the only union-built town in Newfoundland and for that matter Canada. From 1916 onward construction of Port Union began with the vision that it was to be Sir William Ford Coaker and the Fishermen’s Protective Union’s commercial headquarters.


Melrose is a prime example of a typical rural Newfoundland community, which until 1904 was known as Ragged Harbour.

Little Catalina

For the naturalist, nature lovers and fossil enthusiasts Little Catalina may hold some intriguing adventures. Let yourself experience true freedom found only in a wilderness that is still natural and untamed by walking our hiking trail from Little Catalina to Maberly (one of the better scenic hiking trails in Newfoundland).

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