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Joseph Clouter Free Public Library 


The Joseph Clouter library was the first public library outside the city of st. John's. It was established in 1937 through the generous donation of 500 books by a former resident, Mr. Joseph Clouter.  Mr. Clouter was a World War One veteran and was said to be a community minded man of modest income.

The Joseph Clouter Library was established in a building donated by S.W. Mifflin and was run by a board of volunteers until it got so busy that they had to hire a salaried librarian.


The Joseph Clouter Library became so popular that it led to the establishment of a branch of nine other libraries by 1942.  These libraries located in Little Catalina, Elliston, Eastport, Champney's East, Heart's Delight, Green's Harbour, Gooseberry Cove, Blackhead, and Musgravetown all received a continuous circulation of books from the central Joseph Clouter Library in Catalina.


To read more about the interesting story of the Joseph Clouter Library, see the article below that was published in the Fisherman's Advocate on June 12, 1942 and later transcribed by melvin Baker in September 1997.

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